3 Benefits Of A Mummy Sleeping Bag

Posted on: 3 October 2022

If you're planning to take a camping trip soon and you find yourself browsing the camping equipment in a local sporting goods store, one of the first things that you'll want to check out is the store's selection of sleeping bags. Other than the tent, the sleeping bag is arguably the most important piece of gear you'll need. One thing you'll notice when you browse the sleeping bags is that there are all sorts of styles available. A popular option is a mummy sleeping bag, which gets its name for its shape. Here are three benefits of a mummy sleeping bag. 

Less Material

When you compare the look of a mummy sleeping bag with virtually any other type of sleeping bag, you'll see that the former product has less material than the latter. Most noticeably, mummy sleeping bags taper significantly at the bottom, whereas most other sleeping bags do not. A sleeping bag with less material is desirable for a few reasons. It's physically smaller, which means that it takes up less space — something that is valuable if you're canoeing or hiking to your camping spot. It's also lighter, which is ideal if you have to carry it for a considerable distance.


While there are several things that can impact how much warmth a sleeping bag offers, you'll generally find that a mummy sleeping bag is warmer than many other designs. Because this sleeping bag sits tighter against your body, there won't be pockets of cool air around you. This is something that is especially important when you're camping in the fall, winter, or spring, as the nights can be cold. Being cold at night can negatively affect your camping trip, so choosing a sleeping bag that offers a lot of warmth is critical.

More Comfortable

A lot of people find mummy sleeping bags to be highly comfortable because of their tight fit. If you're the type of person who enjoys the feeling of tightly wrapping yourself in a blanket, whether you're in your bed or lounging on the couch, you'll appreciate the swaddling feel of this style of sleeping bag. If you choose a mummy sleeping bag that is heavily padded, you'll experience even more comfort. Visit the camping section of your local sporting goods retailer or browse an online sporting goods store to check out its selection of sleeping bags, including those that have a mummy shape. You can turn to a vendor such as Army Navy to learn more.